Smart Belay System

Only the Smart Belay System is used in the Kahlenberg forest rope park.
Willkommen im Waldseilpark Kahlenberg!

Smart Beley is a system of two communicating roller carabiners

Accidental complete detachment is practically impossible with proper use

Functional ergonomics, easy operation is also possible for children's hands

Willkommen im Waldseilpark Kahlenberg!

ERCA certificate

Our forest rope park has the ERCA (European Ropes Course Association) certificate. Only compliance with the strictest quality and safety standards, regular inspections of the facility and the exclusive employment of officially certified supervisors entitle the holder to use the certificate.

Children under the age of 14 may only climb if actively accompanied by an adult supervisor.

Children and young people between the ages of 14 and 15 may only use the forest rope park independently with the written consent of their legal guardians. For this, our terms and conditions must be read and accepted.

Maximum body weight 120 kg

Entry only possible with solid and closed shoes


For private individuals.

  • Children 110cm-130cm 1 child : 1 adult

    easy course

  • Children 130cm-150cm 3 children : 1 adult

    easy and medium courses

  • Children from 150 cm 5 children : 1 adult

    easy, medium and difficult courses


For school classes.

  • 1st-2nd school level 3 children : 1 adult
  • 3rd-4th school level 5 children : 1 adult
  • 5th-8th school level 7 children : 1 adult
  • from the 9th grade per class : 1 adult